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Tactile and Braille

Your tactile signs can contain a combination of raised letters, business logos and information in Braille raised dots. As part of our consultation with the RNIB, we have also worked hard to establish the correct placement of signage for those who are blind. In most situations it is better to place Braille signs and sight signs in very different positions.

Unfortunately we have seen Braille signs placed where it would be impossible for anyone to read them and we will work with you to ensure your business benefits from our expertise.

Our signs are made to comply with The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 guaranteeing equal access to all people wishing to use public buildings and areas. We have consulted and worked extensively with the ‘Royal National Institute for the Blind’  (RNIB). Their headquarters is in Hereford, and have developed a range of signs that have the full backing of the RNIB.