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Roll of Honour Boards

Roll of Honour Boards are a great asset to schools, colleges, universities, golf club houses, rugby and football clubs, social clubs, athletic clubs and rowing clubs to name just a few. They can be used to show the honours and club positions won by the members in each season and every year.

Because the Roll of Honour Board is designed to be updated on a regular basis they are also used to show the names of the Head Boy and Girl; Chairmen and Officers of Association; Club Captains and Vice Captains; Club Presidents, Vice Presidents and Officers; and Directors of the Company.

Additionally, they can also be used to celebrate those who achieve high honours and scholarships, both during their time with you and as they achieve in life.

The Roll of Honour Board can also be used to commemorate those who have worked for a company, and have been used to show the decorations achieved in public work. This style of Roll of Honour Board is extensively used by the armed forces and the emergency services.

It is possible to create an apex at the top of the Roll of Honour Board where a crest or company logo may be placed. We make the crest and then it is hand painted.