E M Davis

Complete Engraving Service, Laser Etching, Glass Etching, Sand Blasting and Signage


Brass is hard wearing and can be used for external and internal signage. Most obvious is the entrance sign to your business and the commemoration of a special event. ‘Directory’ signs are very popular with doctors, lawyers and accountants as they offer a striking way of showing the partners present in the building.

A brass plaque is also a very dignified way to commemorate the passing of a loved one and can be designed to your needs. They can be mounted on a bench in a garden of remembrance or fitted to a specially made mounting post that can be placed at the most poignant place.

Brass has many other uses and can be made into many and very varied shapes and is suitable for numbered hotel key fobs, automobile restoration plates, machine tags and security fobs. In fact, whatever you can think of we can make for you.


Our bronze work can vary greatly in style and finish so it can be tailored to your exact specifications. Our dedicated professional team have years of experience with bronze and know exactly how to work this beautiful material to bring out its best qualities. Please get in touch with us to discuss your next project!