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Key Fobs, Labels & Tags

Below you can see some of the many types of key fob, labels and tags that we can make.

Some are very individual, such as the single handmade label made for the Morgan Car Company to celebrate and personalise the handmade car made for Mr Mironov (below left), while others are handmade in larger quantities such as the barrel label for the Wye Valley Brewery (below middle). Below right is a cap made for a fishing rod case, another handmade single item.

Morgan Engine Plate 1
WYE VALLEY BREWERY 1 Fishing Pole Case

Key fobs can be made from almost any material, in many shapes and sizes. They can have company logos engraved into them as well as room numbers, names, or any designation you desire.

Key Tag1 Key Tag 1
ACTIVE GARDEN 2 Aluminium Plate Bench Plaque B-Aly

Larger labels can be made to promote a business, commemorate an event, or remember a family member. 


Security Fobs are made of a ridged plastic that is hard to copy and therefore not easy to clone. We maintain a secure Name and Number register so that replacements may only be ordered by the registered business.


Tags together with key rings can make your house or business more secure place, by putting your keys in a key cabinet you will not fall foul of your insurance. Vehicles stolen from the home business with their own key are not insured. 



Lapel badges are a good way of giving your employees an identity with your firm and as with the security fobs we will not manufacture them for anyone else but your buyer with the correct security details.

This lapel badge can be supplied in a wide range of colours and it comes with a pin mounted on foam.

The fob is mounted on crocodile clips. The photo has a tamper proof stud through it for extra security.

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